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"They say you are what you eat, so I strive to be healthy. My goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy, 'Cause true wealth comes from good health and wise ways... we got to start taking better care of ourselves " - Dead Prez

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Plant Based on a Budget Challenge – Other Bloggers

By: Toni Okamoto | 0 Comments | Category: Blog

It has been absolutely incredible to see so many people following along with our meals plans. Make sure to check out everyone’s photos on our Instagram. Here are some people who have written reviews or created their own Plant Based on a Budget meal plans, please check out their sites... more

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Plant Based on a Budget Challenge – 1 Person – Week 1

By: Toni Okamoto | 129 Comments | Category: Blog, Meal Plans | Tags : , ,

Welcome to the Plant Based on a Budget Challenge! First off, thank you very much for considering this challenge. We’re hoping to show that a plant based diet can be done without breaking the bank and we really hope it works out for you. There’s no specific day to start... more

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Margaret Chapman’s Journey to a Healthier Life

By: Toni Okamoto | 31 Comments | Category: Blog

I’d like to thank Plant Based on a Budget contributor Margaret Chapman for agreeing to do this interview with me. I am so inspired by her dedication to taking control of her health, and I hope you find inspiration in her story as well. Please thank her for speaking so... more

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Plant Based on a Budget Challenge

By: Toni Okamoto | 30 Comments | Category: Blog

As most of you know, several Plant Based on a Budget contributors will be putting together FREE meal plans to show that eating a plant based diet can be inexpensive. There have been a lot of questions about what exactly we’re planing, so I’d like to give a little clarification... more

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“7 Ways to Eat Good on a Hood Budget” by Stic of Dead Prez

By: Toni Okamoto | 160 Comments | Category: Blog | Tags : , , , , , , ,

Dead Prez has been the most inspirational Hip Hop group in my life. I first heard their album “Lets get Free” when I was in middle school, and it introduced me to ideas of healthy living, questioning authority, the importance of happiness, being proud of my brown skin, among many other... more

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Mini Pot Pies

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Average Rating: (4.5 / 5)

I was lurking around Pinterest and I was inspired by this recipe. The ingredients in ...

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By: Toni Okamoto | 12 Comments | Category: Blog

“It’s so easy to laugh, it’s easy to hate … it takes strength to be gentle and kind” -Morrissey When I first had the idea of creating Plant Based on a Budget, I thought it was going to be a small blog where I compiled easy, inexpensive recipes to share... more

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Cucumber Tomato Salsa

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My 18 -year-old brother is trying his hand at plant-based cooking and this is an ...

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Zucchini Chips

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Average Rating: (3.3 / 5)

Zucchini chips are my new favorite snack. You can flavor them with any spice you ...

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Banana Zucchini Cookies

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Average Rating: (3.8 / 5)

I have more zucchini than I know what to do with, so I am trying ...

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