Cyber Monday Deals For Your Health & Kitchen

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​As you probably already know, I loooove saving money! And as a professional cook, I wait until Black Friday to buy my most valuable cookware. After scouring the internet, here are some of my favorite deals this year:

First, I’ll start by saying that products created by me are all on sale! My bookThe Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook is 19% off on Amazon. PLUS, if you add the book to your Amazon cart first, you’ll get an extra $1.45 off.

ALL the products that are part of my meal planning line are 10% off today only! They only go on sale once a year and today’s the day! Use the coupon code healthy2019 — and while you’re at it, join our New Year Meal Plan Challenge!

If you want to save a bundle of money ($37) on a guide that helps you move away from dairy, The Dairy Detox is a great resource!

If you’re going to buy my slow cooker book and you need a new slow cooker, this one from the popular brand Crockpot is on sale for nearly 40% off!

You’ve probably heard the hype about Instant Pot. Well, I’m here to tell you that the hype is totally worth it! This is my ultimate favorite appliance these days. I can cook full meals in minutes … Soup? Three minutes. Quinoa dish? Four minutes. And today, you can get yours for 30% off!

Save 50% off of your first shipment of Imperfect Produce with the code plantbasedonabudget. I very much appreciate how they rescue cosmetically imperfect fruits and veggies from being wasted, AND while offering them up at a discounted price.

My friend Jen bought me a Hydroflask water bottle last year and I use it all the time. In the summer, it kept my iced beverages really cold, and now in the winter, it keeps my teas extra hot. They are having a 25% off site-wide sale with the coupon code UNDERTREE. Visit the site here.

Save 50% off at Imperfect Produce!

These silicone baking mats are more environmentally friendly (and cheaper long-term) than buying parchment paper. They’re 30% off today!

Earlier this year, my friend Kristie taught me how to make sourdough bread from scratch, and one tool that it requires is a dutch oven. Since they can be pretty pricy, I used an old 1950s Pyrex bowl until now, but today I found one that’s under $40!

I bought my Vitamix about 5 years ago and use it daily. I make my own peanut butter in it, grind my flax seeds, make smoothies, banana nice cream, and much more! You can get yours for under $200 today (saving $70!).


If you’re not interested in spending so much on a blender, Ninja is a good brand too! And today you can get on in the $50 range!

My boyfriend and I buy a lot of stuff from Thrive Market because they have so many sales on vegan products. For example, for Black Friday, you can get 30% off of your entire purchase with the coupon code BF30. Visit the website here.

Hope you find this list useful and save lots of $$$!

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