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BY : PUBLISHED : February 17th, 2019 UPDATED: October 6th, 2021

World Health Crisis

Slowly we are becoming more aware of how the fast food lifestyle and bad habits are taking a toll on our health. Chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease are spreading quickly, and unless we make some changes now, this health crisis will soon get out of hand.

It seems like we are always on the go and stressed, which makes it easy to fall into the temptations of the constant flashing images of unhealthy foods out there. It seems impossible to escape it, but we don't need to be the victims of the fast food  industry. We have the power to change! We are not destined to get sick and be stuck in an unhealthy habit cycle. If we put our hearts into making the shift we can become the best version of ourselves.

7 Days: A Project of Hope

Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn are passionate about the healing power of plants so they wanted to show the world how a plant-based diet can change your health drastically. They decided to create this project called 7 Days and embark in a fantastic journey to help one person experience the real power of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.

The first thing they did was publish an ad on Craigslist in search for the perfect candidate. They were looking for someone who was deeply struggling with their health and had an authentic desire to change their life around. That's how they came across Raul Medina. A 24-year-old who had been dealing with fatigue, mental fogginess, weight, high cholesterol, and pre-diabetes. Scared of what might happen to him he was determined this was time for a real change!

In order to help him make this transition, Raul used one of the 7-day meal plans from Plant-Based on a Budget. A super simple guide for planning your food for the week ahead. No guessing, no stress.

Good Health And Good Budget!

Raul lives in a small rural town and has spent most of his adult life eating nearly entirely a fast food diet. He had never cooked a meal before, and as hard as it is to face, that's the reality of many people in our country today. Fast food restaurants were his go-to when he felt hungry. Everyday after work, he would stop by Taco Bell, or McDonalds and get a large meal. That was his normal. But not anymore!

All it takes is the strong desire to make a change! We all know it's not easy to make a radical change like this one, so Toni and Michelle helped him every step of the way.

This 7-day journey showed Raul that his health wasn't the only thing that would take a turn for the better! By using the Plant-Based on a Budget Meal Plans, he was able to reduce his weekly food spending dramatically! From $120 to $25. Amazing!

First things first. In order to fully appreciate the drastic changes, Raul would experience following a plant-based diet we wanted to him to take a blood test and check his cholesterol numbers. Raul hadn't had a checkup in years because he doesn't have insurance.

HIs numbers were extremely concerning with cholesterol, as Dr. Michael Greger said:

The number one cause of death in the United States for both men and women is heart disease. And the so-called LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) primary risk factor

Dr. Michael Greger is a renowned physician, founder of nutritionfacts.org and author of the bestselling book How Not to Die. He has gifted us with the incredible work of analyzing countless studies done in the field of nutrition and gives us conclusions on these highly controversial topics. His work has helped make the complex world of nutrition a little easier to understand.

Raul committed to eating healthy, plant-based meals for the 7 days and started thriving. His energy levels increased significantly, his bloat disappeared and he did what he set out to do, which was lose some weight. But the most exciting part is his cholesterol levels went down 50 points reaching a "healthy" range and reducing his previously high-risk of heart disease.

The power of plants is truly amazing! Only 7 days for your health to improve dramatically and it just gets better from there.

Dr. Greger told Raul:

You can take this drugs your whole life, with all these side effects, or you can continue to eat this healthy

Adopting a plant-based lifestyle not only changes your life but it can become the beginning of the change for many others. People will get so inspired by seeing your transformation they will want to follow in your footsteps.

Raul's mom wanted to support her son, so she followed him along for the ride! She is now thriving and lost 30 lbs and got off all her meds!

Don't be Afraid to Find Support

Starting this journey can be life-changing and oh so gratifying! You will feel better, look better, all while knowing you are being kinder to the world. But if you want this to be a lifestyle, you might need to find some way of support. Get the meal plans and do a challenge with your friends (like veganuary)! Start an Instagram account to share your experience and your daily meals with others! Join a Facebook plant-based support group and meet other vegans to cheer on you.

If Raul did it you can do it! Hop on the plant-based train!

Would you like to start a journey of your own? Try the same meal plans Raul used here!

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