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While there are myriad ways to dress up a vegan burger, we found five budget-friendly, simple yet fun toppings you can try on your next cookout! These topping ideas will take your typical burgers from “meh” to awesome in an instant!

several completed plant based burgers against a white surface

The warm, sunny days have arrived, and grills have been fired up! Summer means getting to enjoy outdoor cooking as much as possible. And charcoal-grilled burgers are one of the most popular cookout food out there. We all know that the key to a great plant-based burger lies not only on the patties but also on what you stack in between – the toppings.

Healthy Burger Options

For us, good vegan burger toppings should add up to the overall burger experience without being too in your face and competing with the star of the show. So we came up with the simplest yet tastiest ones that place your vegan burger front and center.

Especially if you are using an already scrumptious meatless patty like Planet Based Hemp Burgers! They are 100% vegan and gluten-free patties that deliver high-performance nutrition, including protein, fiber, and omega 3-6-9 fats with no soy, gluten, or GMO ingredients. Planet Based Foods are the first to offer plant-based meat with sustainable hemp as the number-one ingredient.

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They are made with natural, recognizable ingredients you can trust: water, hemp seed, pea protein, brown rice, an all-natural seasoning blend, potato starch, and sunflower oil.  So, not only are they good for the body, but they are also good for our planet! Choose between their Original and Green Chili Southwest options and order them via,, and

Fun and Simple Vegan Burger Toppings

While the Planet Based Hemp Burger patties are undeniably delicious as they are, adding the right toppings will bring your burger game to another level!

Frozen Onion Rings

No muss, no fuss! They are easy to buy in packs, ready to be fried or grilled, and done in no time. Adding them to your vegan burger will instantly add crunch and sweetness to every bite. So next time you make a burger, skip the raw onions and try this instead.

Dress it up: A simple slathering of vegan mayo and some lettuce should be enough, especially if you are using the green chili southwest burger patty with its subtly sweet and spicy flavors!

Grilled Pineapples

Nothing brightens up a summer dish quite like grilled pineapples! It adds a smoky sweetness that pairs amazingly well with savory patties. You can grill them as they are, but I prefer basting them with a cinnamon-flavored, buttery, and sweet sauce for more flavor.

Dress it up: You can serve it with Vegan Coleslaw Recipe with Apple, Carrots, and Corn for the ultimate plant-based summer burger meal for the whole family to enjoy!

Planet Based Food packages and patties alongside a tray of veggies

Hummus and Cold Veggies

A touch of Mediterranean flavor never disappoints. You can go with the classic or bump the taste even more by using Smoky Roasted Red Pepper Hummus or Green Pistachio Hummus!

Dress it up: Pile it up with chilled cucumber, tomato, arugula, lettuce, onions, etc., to give it a refreshing summer taste.

Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

A fusion of two household favorites. This carb-loving and protein-rich combo are perfect when feeding a hungry crowd! You get to enjoy a tender and juicy vegan burger topped with ‘cheesy’ macaroni – who can say no to this? You can use your leftovers or quickly cook instant boxed mac and cheese.

Planet Based Food packages and patties alongside a tray of veggies

Grilled Chile Peppers

This one is for those who love a little heat on their veggie burgers. Grilled chiles are spicy, sweet, and smoky – perfect for those with a more adventurous taste.

Dress it up: Add some good ‘ol vegan cheese and guacamole, and you‘ve got yourself a winner!

Frequently Asked Questions for Vegan Burger Toppings

What are Hemp Seeds?

These are nutritious seeds of the hemp plant. They are tiny white seeds with a mild nutty taste and are considered a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids our bodies need. It is also rich in fiber, omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, and various nutrients.

Do hemp seeds contain any cannabis?

Absolutely not. Though hemp plants are of the same plant species as cannabis, their nutritional formation is different. Hemp seed is USDA-approved as a food source, and it is grown as a crop by US farmers on the same agricultural soil that corn and wheat are grown on. They are entirely safe to use and are good for you!

Are vegan burgers healthier?

Both the patty and the vegan burger toppings used here are made of all-natural plant-based ingredients. They boast a wealth of nutritional benefits and contain less fat and preservatives.

Planet Based Food packages and patties alongside a tray of veggies

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  1. I love these topping ideas! I never thought of putting pineapple on my veggie burger, but it’s the next one I’m going to try. Ooh!