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I had the privilege of attending the Fresh Air Retreat in gorgeous Park City, Utah last October and I am so excited to share the details with you all. I spent three fun and productive days with some of the most amazing professional food bloggers to share our experiences, wins, and challenges that come with the job. We also had the opportunity to impart our ideas and knowledge to each other. I had such an amazing time!

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Fresh Air Retreat October 2022: What is It?

This intimate business retreat was organized by Liz from The Lemon Bowl and Lauren from The Curious Plate. Two amazing ladies who did such a wonderful job in getting a lot of fun and fruitful activities jammed in just three days.

The goal is to get together to have productive discussions about professional food blogging. The pain points, bottlenecks, workarounds, and best practices. Truly, it was a goldmine of information from the best in the field! Nothing beats face-to-face discussion with like-minded individuals for sure.

Best of all we had the opportunity to get inspired, de-stress, and recharge! Let me start with the amazing gourmet food that was prepared and served by Chef Trimell Hawkins during our stay. He is super talented and accommodating in preparing vegan dishes for me and the rest of the ladies to enjoy!

Everything was well thought-out and planned. From the morning hike amidst the beautiful mountain trails, the fun trip to the downtown area of Park City, and the amazing location where the retreat was held.

I love Park City! I had been there in the winter for the film festival, but it was absolutely too cold for my California body, so it was nice to see it in all its golden fall glory. We all stayed at a charming property at Deer Valley Resort which is surrounded by amazing mountain views. The fresh air was, indeed, so refreshing and invigorating.

The Attendees

There were six of us in total, including Liz and Lauren. I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole from Cooking For Keeps, Krista of Joyful Healthy Eats, Isabel of Isabel Eats, and Ashley of Fit Mitten Kitchen. It is such a joy to spend time with these talented ladies who understand exactly how the world of food blogging works. And everyone was so accommodating about me being plant-based!

The Activities

I really enjoyed getting to know the people behind brands that sustainably produce quality products. I loved learning about apple growing process from JUICI apples by Kristi from Starr Ranch Growers. She bought with her crispy, tart, and sweet Juici apples that Chef Hawkins turned into mouthwatering treats for us!

And with our hectic schedules, I was able to still get all my grocery shopping done through Instacart.

We also learned from Justin’s and I got to try their heavenly nut butter spreads and toppings. I’m absolutely in love with their organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups! We also had a great time visiting some of the local restaurants like High West Distillery and Tupelo where we enjoyed great food and met new people.

The Fresh Air Retreat Experience

A lot of great things happened during the retreat that I wish I can share here. But suffice it to say that it was indeed a great learning experience for me! Though this is not my first time attending seminars and business conferences about my craft, this was truly a one-of-a-kind experience that I won’t forget!

Special thanks to Amanda Montgomery of Arrae Creative for immortalizing our experiences through her amazing photos and sharing them with us.


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