Hip Hop is Green

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Take a look inside this healthy school initiative that introduces plant-based food to children in urban communities. More info here: https://plantbasedonabudget.com/hip-hop-is-green/

Last week I had the privilege of attending a Hip Hop is Green dinner in Oakland, CA with my friends stic.man of Dead Prez and well-known holistic nutrition expert, Afya Ibomu. The dinner was held at an elementary school where children were introduced to healthy plant-based foods, nutrition information, and were able to listen to hip hop artists discuss the power of good health.

From the Hip Hop is Green Website:

“Hip Hop Green Dinners are a National Health Initiative set in urban communities and designed to introduce new people, especially youth, to delicious, healthy vegan food. The Green Dinners are most attendees’ first introduction to a vegan meal and are a perfect combination of information and entertainment. Also invited are top national speakers and performance artists in the health and food justice movement.”

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