How You Can Help!

1 Comment | December 12, 2013

Making healthier, plant-based eating more accessible is my life’s mission. In August of 2016, I decided to commit myself fully to this project and gave up on the comforts of a conventional full-time job to use my skill set in the way I felt would maximize the number of people and animals helped. This work comes from the deepest part of my heart, and I could absolutely not do it without your help. Thank you for keeping Plant Based on a Budget up and running!

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Make a one-time donation on PayPal — every $1 helps:
  • You can make a monthly $3 contribution on Patreon. Learn all about it here:
  • Help us purchase the equipment we need to keep making high quality videos. We create videos for free that are used by many different organizations and reach millions of people. Right now I pay for everything out of pocket, but could improve our reach drastically with your investment in our video projects. Here’s our wish list. You can e-mail me for shipping address.
  • Share our content! Spreading our message is incredibly helpful. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubePinterest, and you can join our e-mailing list.
  • Invite your friends to follow us on Facebook. This is the easiest and most helpful thing you can do. The more people we can reach, the more people we can help!

If you’re interested in discussing other ways you can help, please reach out to me: toni [at] plantbasedonabudget [dot] com. Thank you so much!



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