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Simple Kimchi

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This is a recipe for my cheater kimchi. It may not be authentic, but ...

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What’s in my pantry?

By: Toni Okamoto | Comments Off on What’s in my pantry? | Category: Blog

...Squash Fresh greens (lettuce, spinach or kale) Spices from the Sprouts bulk spice section Salt Pepper Red chili flakes Cumin Chili powder Curry powder Cinnamon Oregano Staples For When You... more

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Yellow Tofu Curry | Plant-Based on a Budget | #curry #tofu #thai #vegan #yellow #dinner #plantbasedonabudget

Yellow Tofu Curry

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...but there’s one that might not be in your pantry, the yellow curry paste. ...

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Plant Based on a Budget – 2 People -Week 4

By: Grace Kuhn | 8 Comments | Category: Blog, Meal Plans

...peeled and rougly minced ½ cup cornmeal ½ cup bread crumbs 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 teaspoon sea salt ¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro (optional) ¼ cup of water Directions... more

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Two lettuce wraps filled with a mix of beans and corn and topped with sliced avocado and hot sauce

Fresh Southwestern Lettuce Wraps

Recipe Type: Cuisine:
Average Rating: (5 / 5) 1 lemon 1 teaspoon of chili powder ¼ cup of packed fresh minced ...

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Three halves of Bean and Rice Burritos on a wooden board with chili sauce on the side

Bean and Rice Burrito

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...1 Can of Fire Roasted Tomatoes 4 Teaspoons of Chili Powder 3 Teaspoons of ...

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Cornbread for the Masses

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Average Rating: (3.3 / 5) make a loaf. Also mini muffins are adorable so why wouldn’t you make ...

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Mustard Greens and Tofu with Rice Noodles

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...diced 1/2 - 1 T cooking oil (I used toasted sesame oil, but any ...

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Grilled Potatoes with Chickpeas, Veggies and Smoked Paprika Aioli

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...drained and rinsed if from can 1/2 tsp chili powder 1/2 tsp cumin, ground ...

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(Almost) Raw Tacos

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...Cayenne, to taste Chili powder, to taste 1/2 bag of frozen corn (or about ...

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