Reclaim Your Health | Podcast Episode 8

BY : PUBLISHED : February 10th, 2019 UPDATED: October 6th, 2021

This episode of The Plant-Powered People Podcast is perfect for inspiring new beginnings. Michelle and Toni have a candid chat with Karen, who kindly shares with us her plant-based journey and how she changed her life right before it was too late.

Is Diet the Bad Guy?

Have you noticed how many people around you suffer chronic diseases nowadays? The numbers are off-the-charts, and unfortunately, they are not getting any smaller. This epidemic didn't happen overnight. People are not getting sick without reason. There is one direct cause, and it's the Standard American Diet (SAD) most people have been eating for decades.

What is SAD? The Standard American Diet is a diet where we get most of our calories from processed foods filled with saturated fats and artificial sugar. Most of these saturated fats come from animal products like red meat, butter, and dairy. Foods like burgers and bacon, donuts and sodas, are wreaking havoc in our health and it's never been more clear.

Karen Brockway is an elementary school teacher and was one those people eating a SAD diet. As a consequence, she had been suffering health problems for years. She battled breast cancer, had very high blood pressure, and her bad cholesterol was through the roof! It wasn't until she was 55 years old and watched the documentary What The Health that she realized it was time to turn her life around.

After watching the documentary, she realized it was time to take matters into her own hands and signed up for the Plant-Based on a Budget Meal Plans. The changes she experienced after only a few weeks are incredible. She had so much more energy. She knew she could never go back to her old habits.

Plant-Based On A Budget Meal Plans

Starting a plant-based diet is not only daunting, but it also takes some planning ahead. Rather than trying to be vegan overnight, avoid feeling overwhelmed by starting slowly. Karen began by swapping in one plant-based meal per day and slowly added more until she decided to go all in.

The Plant-Based on a Budget Meal Plans are a fantastic way to start! You have three simple meals to follow and a shopping list you can stick to. Doesn't this sound incredible? No walking around the grocery store looking at every label or deciding which product to get or how many sweet potatoes you will need that week. Priceless!

Now, let me tell you, this is not the only benefit of using these meal plans. The best part is...drumroll! You will only spend $25 USD a week for one person! Yep, you read that right; It's only $1.20 USD per meal. You'll get all the tricks to hack the supermarket and get more and best for less.

When Karen wanted to advise others who might want to transition to a plant-based diet on using the meal plans she said:

I would have been so totally overwhelmed trying to eat whole foods pant-based without them. So I strongly suggest to everybody to just give it a try. It’s well worth the time and the energy to make such positive change

Did you ever think that eating a whole food plant-based diet would be so affordable? This lifestyle has a terrible rep when it comes to being budget-friendly. Sure, if you buy ready-made meals and all the fancy new vegan products you will pick holes into your wallet! Especially at the beginning, we might feel the need to compensate for what we think we are missing and might feel drawn to buy products that remind us of our old lifestyle.

It will get better! Don't despair or beat yourself up if you slip up a few times. Karen said:

Don’t beat yourself up if you decide, ok, I’m gonna have a cookie. You know what? Have that cookie and then as soon as it’s done you start over. You know? You move on. We all make mistakes!

Inspire Others

Going plant-based gave Karen a new chance, so it was natural that she would want to share her new found love for whole foods with others. She has been recommending this lifestyle to her friends and slowly introducing her husband to a few vegan meals.

Sharing your experience with others and spreading the word can be so powerful! At the end of the day, we could read countless articles praising a plant-based lifestyle (and there are thousands!). However, none of those will have an impact as significant as seeing someone with your own eyes who has been in pain before and is thriving now.

We are so excited to share this beautiful story with you all and hopefully inspire you to either give whole foods plant-based a try or to reach out to those struggling with their health. We all have our journey and no matter where we are on that journey, we have to support each other in being the best version of ourselves while being kind to others.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of going plant-based? Are you struggling to organize your week and stick your budget?

Check out the meal plans Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto have carefully created! You can try it for one week or buy the packs with or without the snack and dessert pack! Your health and your wallet will love them.

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