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BY : PUBLISHED : May 21st, 2019 UPDATED: October 6th, 2021
This post is sponsored by Ibotta and all opinions expressed in this post are my own. All offers were valid as of publish date. Don’t forget to check your app for details as offers change frequently and may not be available in all areas

Hello, friend who loves to save money!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Today’s money-saving resource is my absolute favorite! The Ibotta app is great, free, fun app that will surprise and delight Walmart shoppers with additional ways to save on their shopping trips. Saving money has never been easier!

This is where I save LOADS of money! (I’ve saved nearly $800 over the past year; for real.)
Ibotta allows you to choose items that you normally buy at places you often shop (think Target, Walmart, Costco), and then when you buy them you scan your receipt or QR code and you can get money back! 100% of Ibotta earnings can be transferred to PayPal or Venmo as soon as you’ve earned $20.



I do a lot of grocery shopping at Walmart and since the Walmart Savings Catcher is no longer available as of May 14th, this is how I maximize my savings there now. On my last trip, I found offers for Earth Balance, Silk products, and more!

And I love it so much because you can also use it on travel, clothing, and restaurants. I recently used it to book a hotel and got $25 cash back! Start saving with Ibotta today!

Have a great weekend!

♡ Toni

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My goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy,
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