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Although Plant Based on a Budget is not a non-profit (we make zero money and only spend our own on keeping this blog running), I believe that it is a valuable resource worth supporting. In 2013, myself and the wonderful contributors of the blog poured ourselves into providing thoughtful articles, tasty recipes and free meal plans to prove that you can eat a healthy, plant based diet on a low fixed-income.

It is my passion to continue educating myself and others about important issues regarding lack of fresh food access/ nutrition education in low-income and people of color communities, as well as shedding light on ethical animal issues. With the support of the community, I believe that Plant Based on a Budget can become a powerful resource for those who are trying to eat healthier, transition to a plant based diet or trying to show friends and family that vegan food is regular food.

Other bloggers have monetized their websites through advertisements on their page, and I have decided against doing that. The nature of our blog is very specific, and it is very important for me to stay in line with my ethics by not promoting the random things on Google AdSense, as well as keeping true to our mission to show that you don’t need to have specialty vegan products to sustain on a plant based diet — therefore, we don’t have ads for vegan specialty products.

There is a donation button on the right of this article. If you choose to donate, you can find comfort in knowing that all money will go back into maintaining, hosting and promoting this blog. And if you choose not to donate to us, here is a list of other organizations that the contributors of Plant Based on a Budget support.

Thank you for all the feedback and wonderful support this year! <3





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  1. posted by Heather on October 25, 2016

    Toni – I am a mom who is working hard to amend our family diet to help my son with ADHD symptoms. I am grateful for all the work you and the contributors put into this site. I have found several recipes that I am anxious to try (and some we’ve already enjoyed!), especially the breakfasts with a protein focus. Thank you for all the hard work. I am happy to have just made a donation and I look forward to enjoying the site going forward. Keep on keepin’ on, sister. Your work is a blessing to us.