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Two Waffles Stacked on top of each other with berries and syrup on top

Fluffy Waffles

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If you’re a fan of breakfast or brunch, then you’re surely a fan of Waffles. ...

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Best Vegan Egg Replacers for Baking

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Range of Different Egg Replacers for Vegan Baking

The time when baking without eggs was a dream is finally over. There are so many plant-based and healthier alternatives to achieve a moist and fluffy cake, pancake, or muffin. It might take some time to get used to foregoing eggs in baking, but once you realize how delicious your... more

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Insulated container filled with a hearty kale and bean soup

Hearty Kale and Bean Soup

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With so many of us finding new adventures these days, it’s important to know that ...

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Veggie Caldo de Pollo Recipe | Plant-based Mexican Soup | Plant-based On a Budget | #soup #mexican #vegan #plantbased #caldo #family #plantbasedonabudget

Caldo de Tofu (Tofu Soup)

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Thank you to Knorr® for sponsoring this recipe. When I was a little girl, my ...

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Easy Blueberry Banana Bread Recipe | Plant-based on a Budget | #bread #banana #vegan #cake #dessert #snack #plantbasedonabudget

Easy Blueberry Banana Bread

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Homemade blueberry banana bread must be one of everyone’s favorites treats! It’s simple and sweet, ...

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Frittata-esque Potato Bake

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Not quite a fritter but yummy nonetheless. It’s a little bit creamy and a lot ...

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