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Kichari Patties (Spiced Red Lentils and Rice)

Recipe Type: , , Cuisine: ,
Average Rating: (4.7 / 5)

Simple red lentils and brown rice are transformed into these spice-filled savory patties.

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Broccoli and Onion Pakora (Oven-baked Vegetable Fritters)

Recipe Type: Cuisine:
Average Rating: (4.3 / 5)

The perfect veg-filled savory treat- broccoli and onion stuffed vegetable pakora!

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Red Lentil and Amaranth Protein Patties

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Average Rating: (3.6 / 5)

Crispy red lentil and amaranth protein patties, easy to make, so satisfying.

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Sesame Zucchini Fritters

Average Rating: (4 / 5)

Savory zucchini fritters are sprinkled with sesame seeds and baked until crisp. Serve with an ...

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