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Two Jars of PB&J Chia Parfait with Sliced Strawberries on a White Towel

PB&J Chia Parfait

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Average Rating: (5 / 5)

PB&J has been a favorite combination for decades. Creamy (or chunky!) peanut butter mixed with ...

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Zucchini & Carrot Muffins

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Average Rating: (3.3 / 5)

This is a sweet yet healthy treat with hidden veggies, that's just perfect to enjoy ...

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Apple Granola Topped Goodness | Easy Plant-Based Snack | Plant-Based on a Budget | #snack #apple #granola #dessert #vegan #plantbasedonabudget

Apple Granola Topped Goodness

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Average Rating: (4.7 / 5)

Sometimes you need a super quick, easy inexpensive snack or dessert, and this one does ...

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