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Smoky Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Average Rating: (5 / 5)

This quick, fresh and healthy version is way better than any store-bought hummus!

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Roasted Red Pepper Wraps

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Average Rating: (4.3 / 5)

Gourmet taste veggie filled hummus wraps! Mmm, my favorite!

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Veggie Wrap

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Average Rating: (3 / 5)

These are quick, healthy, gluten-free wraps that are filled with nutritious goodness.

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Yellow Lentil Hummus

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Average Rating: (4.3 / 5)

A few weeks ago, I had a store-bought container of hummus. It was spicy yellow lentil hummus. ...

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Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe | Plant-based On a Budget | #spread #hummus #redpepper #dip #party #vegan #plantbasedonabudget

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus | Easy Spread Recipe

Average Rating: (5 / 5)

Who doesn’t love hummus? Let’s face it there’s no other spread or dip that come ...

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Pistachio Hummus

Average Rating: (3.7 / 5)

Hummus- the perfect food for any occasion! Hummus is one of those dishes/recipes that are ...

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