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What I Eat in A Day #3 | Daily Dozen Challenge

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Have you heard of the daily dozen? If you haven’t, let me introduce you to Dr. Michael Greger. He is an acclaimed MD who has dedicated his career to unveiling scientific facts about nutrition. He is a big advocate of a whole foods plant-based diet and has written many amazing... more

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Reclaim Your Health | Podcast Episode 8

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This episode of The Plant-Powered People Podcast is perfect for inspiring new beginnings. Michelle and Toni have a candid chat with Karen, who kindly shares with us her plant-based journey and how she changed her life right before it was too late. Is Diet the Bad Guy? Have you noticed... more

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Plant Based on a Budget Challenge – 1 Person – Week 1

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Welcome to the Plant-Based on a Budget Challenge! First off, thank you for considering participating in this challenge. Whether you’re here because you’d like to save money, become healthier, try a plant-based diet, or all of the above, I welcome you. I’m Toni Okamoto, the founder of Plant-Based on a... more

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