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Best Vegan Egg Replacers for Baking

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Range of Different Egg Replacers for Vegan Baking

The time when baking without eggs was a dream is finally over. There are so many plant-based and healthier alternatives to achieve a moist and fluffy cake, pancake, or muffin. It might take some time to get used to foregoing eggs in baking, but once you realize how delicious your... more

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(Slaw) Dressing with a Kick

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Tangy? Maybe. Spicy? At least a little, for sure.

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Oreo Crepes w/ Spicy Blueberry Compote

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This recipe was yet another challenge from a friend. He gave me the challenge to ...

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Lemon Coconut Pie

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Here is my last pie recipe for a few months! This pie is a great ...

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