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Plant-Based Picnic

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Easy at Plant-Based Picnic | Plant-Based on a Budget | #picnic #

Thank you to Sprouts (the best grocery store) for sponsoring this article! When my husband and I moved into our home last year, one of the first things I bought was a picnic bench for our backyard. It turned out to be a great investment because as we’ve been sheltering... more

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How to Have an Easy Vegan Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving can be a stressful time in general, but especially if you’re trying to eat plant-based! So, to make life a little easier for you, I’ve put together some resources that will help ease your cooking. I know that when I first became a vegetarian, I didn’t even realize that... more

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Roasted Red Pepper Wraps

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Gourmet taste veggie filled hummus wraps! Mmm, my favorite!

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Veggie Wrap

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These are quick, healthy, gluten-free wraps that are filled with nutritious goodness.

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Spicy Mint Brussels Sprouts

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I hear you: "Brussels Sprouts? Really?" But these are a game changer! The ...

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