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Ok, so I’m sure you know that Trader Joe’s is a bit like paradise for vegans. They have so many labeled vegan products and many accidentally vegan ones! But the coolest part is their items have such reasonable prices. I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss them! So, having this in mind, Michelle and Toni teamed up to show you their top 20 vegan products at Trader Joe’s.

No matter how many times you’ve been to that store, there’s always something you didn’t know about or that you simply never tried, so the girls (as always) had our backs and picked the absolute must-have deals! Their selection goes from staples to treats, to super helpful quick dinner idea options. It goes without saying that they had a tough time sticking to ten each because they have so many favorites!

Are you ready? Here we go!

Olive Tapenade

This spread is so good! It’s so full of flavor, and it’s rich and oily. Perfection! You can spread it on sandwiches or use it as a dip with some fresh (or baked) pita chips. What can I say, this is olive heaven!

Michelle’s tip: When it’s finished you can soak a piece of bread at the bottom! Yum!

Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas

These are so good for a quick lunch! Just pop them in the oven or microwave at work, and you’re ready to go. They are made from organic white corn tortillas, and they are only 2.99!

Toni’s tip: If you are a fan of Amy’s Kitchen enchiladas, this taste super similar, but they are several dollars cheaper!

Island Soyaki Sauce

This sauce is amazing! It makes everything better and easier. It’s perfect for pouring over a stir fry with some veggies, and it’s the perfect sauce to give tofu a great flavor.

Michelle’s tip: Check out the stir fry recipe featured on “The Friendly Vegan Cookbook”, this sauce is the only special ingredient in the book because it’s so good!

Garlic & Herb Pizza Dough

This ready-made raw pizza dough is amazing! You can have delicious fresh pizza without much planning ahead. They have two other flavors apart from this one, whole wheat and the traditional one. The cool thing is Trader Joe’s thinks ahead and has all the other ingredients you need for pizza close by. Marinara sauce and vegan cheese plus all the veggies you like as toppings. You could also put some garden chicken strips in there to make chunkier!

Toni’s Tip: You can use this dough to make “calzone.” Just stretch your dough and fill it with whatever you want and then fold it up in an empanada like shape. You can freeze this right after for later baking or bake it on the spot and have a delicious filled pizza dough dish.

Bruschetta Sauce

This one is special. It’s made with Roma tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and garlic. It tastes like heaven! Be prepared to be amazed; you have to try it!. You can eat it with chips or crackers.

Michelle’s tip: Best way to serve it slicing a baguette (or sourdough) into thin slices, toast them and then put the bruschetta sauce on top! Best appetizer ever!

Vegan Marshmallows

Yes! You read that right! Trader Joe’s carries vegan soft and delicious marshmallows, and they are only 2.99. Much cheaper than the branded ones!

Michelle’s tip: You can use this to make delicious rice crispy treats!

Dark Chocolate Crisps

These are definitely a treat, not something you would eat every day but they are so good and indulging. They are shaped like potato chips and melt in your mouth.

Michelle’s Tip: These are perfect for those sad days when you need some extra sweet!

Frozen Broccoli

Ok, this one might not seem very exciting but they are a super staple, and they are much better priced than frozen veggies at other grocery stores.

Toni’s tip: Stock up on their frozen veggies and fruits! Usually, when you’re so busy, you tend to neglect your produce and end up throwing it away! With a freezer full of veggies you’ll always have healthy ingredients on hand.

Thai Vegetable Gyoza

These are super tasty and perfect for a lazy snack! Could also be an excellent appetizer for a “get together” with friends. Quick and delicious!

Michelle’s tip: You can microwave these with a little water or if you like them crispier you can cook them in the pan with some oil.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

These are so convenient! They are a lot cheaper than the more prominent brands, and they are of better quality. They would be perfect for baking some vegan chocolate cookies (like the ones from “The Friendly Vegan Cookbook”) or to throw them into your regular oats to make them a bit more decadent.

Toni’s tip: Melt these in the microwave, and dip some strawberries in there. Perfect dessert!

Spicy Lentil Wrap

This wrap is the best option for when you have to eat lunch on the go, and it’s so delicious! Heads up to the spicy tahini sauce on the side! Healthy, nutritious and easy!

Michelle’s tip: What makes this wrap so amazing if the spicy tahini sauce! Pour it onto the end of the wrap as you eat it!

Thai Green Curry

This curry paste is the only vegan curry at Trader Joe’s and it’s so good! You wouldn’t believe it doesn’t have dairy in it. It’s always a good idea to have these kinds of sauces at hand to make a quick meal.

Toni’s tip: You can steam any veggies you have like broccoli, carrot, onions and cook some rice, mix it all together and pour this sauce on top. Extra points if you add some tofu or chickpeas and make this a complete meal!

Vegetable Panang Curry

This curry is not your typical boring and bland frozen meal. It actually tastes delicious and fresh! When you are a new vegan, you might struggle on those days when you are not prepared and get hungry. This veggie curry is the perfect meal to have as a back up in your freezer!

Michelle’s Tip: This dish is a great option to take to work if they have a microwave! Ready in a few minutes.

Tofurky Deli Slices

This vegan deli meat tastes so much like real meat slices! They are an excellent option for sandwiches. I promise your non-vegan friends and family won’t even notice! They are only 2.49!

Michelle and Toni’s tip: If you are vegan then you clearly care about making the world a better place. Apart from choosing a plant-based lifestyle, another great way to make an impact is to buy products from companies that have good values. Tofurky is a family company, and they give back to so many good causes!

Japanese Style Fried Rice

This one is another great frozen staple! Seriously, life is so much easier if you are prepared for the unexpected! It’s made with tofu, carrots, and edamame. Perfect for a quick dinner! Just stir fry it with some other veggies and add your favorite sauce on top!

Toni’s tip: Add sriracha and soy sauce! You’ll love it!

Soy Chorizo

Such a great meat alternative! If you loved chorizo before becoming vegan, you will become obsessed with this product! And it’s only 1.99!

Toni’s tip: Add it to the calzones filling to make them a more substantial meal. Also, you can heat up a can of beans and add half of the soy chorizo with some nutritional yeast on top!

Kettle Corn

Need I say more? Kettle Corn is not usually vegan but this one is, and it’s so good! The best part is it has very few (and healthy!) ingredients.

Michelle’s tip: This corn is the best snack for movie night!

Soy Creamy Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Ok, we covered enough convenient staples! Time for another treat! This vegan ice cream is so good and affordable; it needed to be shared with you. This one is the Cherry Chocolate Chip, but they have other amazing flavors to choose from.

Toni and Michelle’s tip: Take out of the freezer for about 10 mins before digging in! You will love the cherry and chocolate chunks!

Mediterranean Hummus

This hummus is the real deal! If you make your hummus at home…go you! But every now and then you can treat yourself with a store bought one, right? If that’s the case, this is the one! And the best part is, it has pine nuts on top. Super fancy!

Toni’s and Michelle’s tip: Buy some big pitas and eat it straight out of the tub!

Charles Shaw Vegan Wine

If you enjoy a glass of wine on occasion, this one is the most affordable one you’ll find! It’s less than 3 dollars!

Michelle’s tip: It’s good to grab a bottle every few weeks. You never know when you will unexpectedly have people over!

That’s it! Those are Toni’s and Michelle Top 20 vegan must-buys at Trader Joes. Next time you go there, keep these products in mind while filling up your shopping cart. Do you have any favorite TJ’s products? Let us know!

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