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BY : PUBLISHED : June 22nd, 2021 UPDATED: January 30th, 2022
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If you’re currently on the fence about becoming vegan because of your love for cheese, you are in luck! There are hundreds of plant-based cheese options on the market now! From shreds, slices, parmesan-style, cream-cheese style, to gourmet-style cheese - the vegan cheese market is exploding with different formulas, tastes, and textures. The toughest part is that not all brands and flavors are carried in one store alone or possibly nowhere near you depending on your location. This is where Vejii Express bridges the gap!

Vejii Express

Vejii Express is an online grocery store that is able to ship out your favorite vegan groceries within 1-3 business days! They’ve created a hub of hundreds of products of top brand foods such as plant-based meats, cheeses, and snacks all delivered right to your doorstep! Who would’ve thought that you can have delicious gourmet and artisan cheese delivered without leaving your home? Vejii Express is all about making plant-based foods accessible to everyone while at the same time offering fair pricing. They price match guarantee and have a phenomenal rewards program that saves you money with every purchase. Plus, shipping is free when you spend over $75. It’s like amazon prime but for your favorite vegan products! How awesome is that?

If you live in a major city, chances are you’ve got some options! If you’ve tried vegan cheese in the past and you were not particularly gung-ho about the flavor or the texture, you’re in luck because since you last tried it, there have probably been a couple of dozen of different brands and formulas that have risen to the occasion! The vegan cheese world has come a long way from where they started and now you can enjoy a perfectly melted grilled cheese sandwich, an all-vegan pizza with chunky mozzarella on top, a nicely whipped and creamy cheesecake, as well as make an amazing charcuterie cheese board with all different types of vegan cheese! It’s pretty incredible how far they’ve come but if you’re still nervous about it, this guide is all about our favorite vegan cheese brands and flavors that are on the market right now!

The Best Vegan Cheese:

Follow Your Heart Dairy Free Cheese Parmesan:

  • Texture - Crumbly and slightly chewy with a spot-on texture in comparison to dairy-based parmesan.
  • Taste - Phenomenal! Very similar to traditional parmesan. You won’t think you’re having an alternative with this choice!
  • Overall Thoughts - Definitely would highly recommend using this brand as your parmesan substitute! It comes in a plastic container with an open top wide enough for a big spoonful to sprinkle over some plant-based pizza, a lasagna dish, and your favorite pasta recipe!

Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds:

  • Texture - This shredded cheddar-flavored cheese is a perfect thickness and size that is very similar to your dairy-based shredded cheddar cheese. It’s slightly more chewy and firm but is still equally enjoyable once you get used to the texture.
  • Taste - Very tasty! It has the slightly salty taste that dairy cheese has but at the same time it does have an alternative taste. Despite the difference, it’s very enjoyable!
  • Overall Thoughts - Definitely would recommend it! This shredded cheese is the perfect texture and has a great taste to throw on top of salads or use to make a delicious cheesy vegan pizza!

Daiya Mozzarella Style Slices:

  • Texture - Very similar texture to your standard dairy-based cheese slices. It has that flimsy and light feel to it that will remind you of that traditional slice!
  • Taste - So similar to dairy-based slices! There’s a slight difference in taste, but it is so slim. If you pair it with a sandwich, you will hardly notice the difference at all! They even smell like mozzarella cheese and there isn’t a weird aftertaste that comes with it.
  • Overall Thoughts - This cheese comes in square slices just like the traditional dairy slices. These are perfect for sandwiches or throwing on top of a plant-based patty on the grill as they’re already pre-sliced.

Miyoko’s Farmhouse Cheddar:

  • Texture - Very firm! You’ll need a knife to dive into this one. If you cut it into slices, the texture is a bit more firm and chewy than your standard dairy cheese, but pretty spot on!
  • Taste - Great! It’s incredibly rich and flavorful with a bold and sharp cheddar taste. It even has a familiar smell to sharp cheddar cheese! It is slightly “wheaty” in taste, but is still very good!
  • Overall Thoughts - Highly recommend it! This cheddar block is packaged into a firm square block. You can cut it into slices to make a grilled cheese sandwich, cut into cubes to throw into salads or bowls, or cut into fancy shapes for the perfect charcuterie board for your family and friends.

Miyoko’s Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic:

  • Texture - Very creamy and smooth. It’s called “double cream” for a good reason! It’s similar to the texture of dairy-based whipped cream cheese where it’s easy to be dipped into and used as a spread. There are chunks of tomato in it which adds a nice touch!
  • Taste - Incredibly flavorful that is soft and not too loud as compared to a sharp cheddar cheese. It’s bold enough to be enjoyed with a plain cracker or even a bagel but doesn’t have an overarching garlicky or tomatoey taste. There is no “wheaty” taste with this one and it could easily be passed as a dairy-based cream cheese.
  • Overall Thoughts - Great flavor and smooth consistency! I transferred the cheese to a small glass container and used it as a dipping spread with crackers for a snack and it was very appetizing!

Miyoko’s Sharp English Farmhouse:

  • Texture - Smooth and creamy. It’s very easy to dip into and is similar to cream cheese but not as creamy as Miyoko’s double cream cheese line of flavors.
  • Taste - Very flavorful and enjoyable! It tastes very similar to honey mustard dipping sauce and there is no wheat-like or grainy taste associated with it.
  • Overall Thoughts - Another great dipping option! This would also make for more of a softer slice of cheese to throw on a sandwich or melt onto your favorite plant-based patty.

Daiya Jalepeno Havarti Style:

  • Texture - This comes in a block format but isn’t super firm to where a knife is necessary. You can dip into it with some force but it’s also firm enough to be cut into to make slices.
  • Taste - Very flavorful! It’s surprisingly not too hot or spicy for having jalapeños in it and can probably be enjoyed by people who aren’t a fan of hot foods.
  • Overall Thoughts - Highly recommend this tangy cheese! It would be great used as a dip for crackers as a light snack or even cut into slices for a sandwich.

Miyokos Organic Cashew Milk Mozzarella:

  • Texture - similar to firm tofu in that it holds its shape, but can be cut into easily.
  • Taste - Not as flavorful and savory as dairy-based mozzarella.
  • Overall thoughts - Great option if you’re looking for a mozzarella alternative! It’s perfect for a banger pizza topping as it melts very nicely.

For a long time and for lots of people, the biggest barrier to becoming fully plant-based was having to give up cheese. There’s actually an interesting scientific component to why humans crave it so much and why it is so difficult to give up. Now, there are endless vegan cheese options for every dish, appetizer, or dessert option you can think of so you don’t have to give up anything! What’s even better is that accessibility is no longer a barrier thanks to Vejii Express and you can have vegan cheese delivered 1-3 business days after you read this article! It’s a great time to be vegan!

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