Butternut Squash Chips

If you have a dehydrator, these butternut squash chips are so easy and hands-off to make. They are so much better than anything from the store.


– 1 medium Butternut Squash – Fresh Sage – Fresh Thyme – Olive Oil – Salt – Pepper

Cut the stem off your squash, slice squash in half lengthwise, take out seeds and guts.

Use a potato peeler to take skin off the squash then slice the whole thing (kinda thin) Coat the slices in olive oil, salt, pepper, and finely chopped sage and thyme. Enough of each to coat each slice. Just mix it up in a bowl with your hands.

Lay out on a cooking sheet (it's ok if they touch, they will shrink A LOT when you cook them) About 3-4 hours on your ovens lowest setting. Make sure to check after 2 hours or so and turn the pan around so the ones on the back of the tray don't burn.

When done they will be leathery, the slightly burned ones will be crispier.