Cinnamon Orange Quinoa

This Cinnamon Orange Quinoa is a great way to shake up your usual breakfast meal routine.It is a no-fuss and simple yet invigorating morning treat that will get you pumped up for the day ahead.


– 1 C quinoa – 2 ½ C vanilla plant-based milk – 2 tbsp orange juice – 1 tbsp granulated sugar – 1 tbsp orange zest – ¾ tsp cinnamon – ¼ tsp nutmeg – A handful of dried cherries cranberries, or raisins

INSTRUCTIONS Combine quinoa, plant-based milk, and orange juice over medium heat, stirring in all the seasonings and mixing until fully incorporated.

Let it come to a light boil and then up the heat to medium-high until the boil becomes more aggressive. Let it bubble for a minute, then drop the heat to simmer for about 20-30 minutes or until tender, placing a lid on top.

Serve hot with fresh orange zest, nutmeg, and dried fruit!