Easy Blueberry Banana Bread

Blueberry Banana Bread is always a good idea! This super easy to make recipe is ideal for thsoe who don't dare to bake and want to give it a try!


– 3 fully ripe bananas – 2 apples (grated) – 1/2 C of raisins – 1 C of brown sugar – 1 tsp of cinnamon powder – 1 Tbsp of chia seeds – 3 oz of vegetable oil –3 tsp of baking powder – 2 1/2 C of spelt flour – 1/2 C of blueberries – 1 Tbsp of sesame seeds – Coconut yogurt to serve with

INSTRUCTIONS Mash the bananas with the oil. Add all the other ingredients and mix well.

Cook for about 50 minutes in a preheated oven to 375 Fahrenheit. Serve and enjoy!