Slow Cooker Jackfruit Carnitas

This Slow Cooker Jackfruit Carnitas recipe is as good as the classic! Tender, 'meaty' jackfruit deliciously spiced and seasoned then simmered for hours in a crockpot until all the flavors seep in and it melts beautifully in your mouth!


– 3 tsp of chili powder – 4 tsp of minced dried onion – 1 tsp of cornstarch – 1 tsp of garlic powder – 1 tsp of cumin – ½ tsp of oregano – ½ tsp of paprika – ⅛ tsp of cayenne pepper – 2 cans of young jackfruit in brine 14-oz – ¾ c of water – ¼ C of salsa – 2 Tbsp of lime juice – 1 can of diced jalapenos small – small corn or flour tortillas – Taco sauce or hot sauce optional for garnish – 1 medium onion diced for garnish – 1 medium tomato diced for garnish – cilantro chopped for garnish – lime wedges

Mix chili powder, minced onion, corn starch, garlic powder, cumin, oregano, paprika, and cayenne pepper in a bowl and set aside.

Rinse jackfruit in a strainer and squeeze out as much water as possible. Place jackfruit in a slow cooker. Add water, and stir in seasonings.

Add salsa, lime juice, and jalapenos. Cook on low for 8 hours.

Shred jackfruit with a fork.

Scoop the cooked jackfruit onto tortillas and top with taco sauce, diced onions, and tomatoes. (Sprinkle some cilantro and squeeze some lime (optional))