Sweet Tomato Chutney

This basic onion tomato chutney is frugal, fresh, and packed with sweet, spicy (optional), tangy flavor with only 7 ingredients and in under an hour! Perfect for serving with snacks, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and more!


– 1 cup of brown sugar – ½ cup of red wine vinegar – 8 large tomatoes chopped – 1 onion chopped – 2 red hot chili peppers minced – 10 basil leaves chopped – juice of 1 lemon

Boil the sugar and vinegar until the sugar is dissolved.

Add the tomatoes, onion, and chils and cook until it gets a jam-like consistency, around 45 minutes.

Remove from heat and add the basil and lemon juice. Serve chunky or use an immersion blender or other mixer to smooth it out a bit.