Vegan Cheesy Zucchini Chips

If you're looking for the perfect recipe to use up your zucchinis, you've found it! These Zucchini Chips are perfectly tasty, cheesy, and so satisfyingly crunchy and make for the ultimate snack!


– 6 medium zucchini – 3 tbsp of olive oil – 7 tbsp of nutritional yeast – 1-1 1/2 tsp of salt (depending on your salt preference - 1 ½ makes really salty chips)

Thinly slice zucchinis about ¼-inch thick at the thickest. It’s easier to do this if you have a mandoline or food processor with a slicing attachment.

Place slices in a large bowl with the olive oil, nutritional yeast, and salt, and toss until all the zucchini slices are evenly coated.

Line your zucchini slices in single layers on the trays of your Excalibur dehydrator.

Dehydrate at 165 degrees for 5 hours. Enjoy fresh out of the dehydrator, or store in an airtight container.