White Bean Burgers

These White Bean Burgers are perfect if you are looking for a healthier and better version of your favorite fast-food burger. These plant-based patties are made of creamy white beans and various herbs and spices, making them super flavorful!


– 2 Tbsp of olive oil – 1 can of white beans, drained and rinsed 15 oz – 4 slices of bread, small diced – ½ tsp of garlic salt – ½ tsp of onion powder – ½ tsp of chili powder – ½ tsp of cumin – 2 Tbsp of nutritional yeast – Salt and Pepper to taste – 1 Tbsp of minced fresh parsley – 1 tsp minced rosemary

In a food processor place all ingredients except for the fresh herbs and process until well incorporated.

Place Bean mixture into a bowl and fold in the fresh herbs. In a skillet, add olive oil and heat on medium heat.

Portion the bean mixture into 1/3 cups and form into patties that are ¼ to ½" thick and place into the hot pan.

Cook until lightly brown each side.