What I Eat in a Day #5 - Zero Waste!

BY : PUBLISHED : May 9th, 2019 UPDATED: October 6th, 2021

While Toni was cat sitting at Coleen Patrick Goudreau's house, she decided to make a What I Eat in A Day video Zero Waste Edition, what’s best than to see someone else daily routine to be inspired to do the same. You can get examples of simple, healthy, budget-friendly and zero waste meals. Real meals! Not perfect Instagram-worthy meals. Don’t get me wrong, we love seeing those too, but we also need to be reminded every now and then that good food can be affordable, quick and environmentally friendly.

Coleen is an amazing plant-based chef, cookbook author, and zero waste ambassador. She has written books like “The 30 Day Vegan Challenge” and  "The Joy of Vegan Baking". One of Toni's favorite! You will love it! Such an inspiration, right? Well, Toni wanted to honor Coleen’s efforts to eat zero waste because she has been inspiring her to make better and more conscious decisions. Starting with using less single-use plastic which is not always an easy task.

In this video, Toni will show us what she eats in a day trying to keep it completely waste free and, obviously, on a budget! Those two efforts usually go hand in hand together. Creating waste is directly linked to being wasteful in general, right? Buying too much of anything, food going bad and being thrown away, not planning ahead of time. So many mistakes we make daily! Changing these habits doesn't happen overnight, but you can slowly take steps towards more sustainable living. Sustainable for you and sustainable for the earth. Good for your pocket, good for the planet!

Going plant-based is already a massive step towards a healthier planet but unfortunately, is not enough. There are other significant changes we have to make. The same way supporting new vegan brands is vital for this lifestyle to grow, supporting ethically made and plastic free products will encourage companies to be more mindful and switch to a greener production. Let's be aware of what we buy, how much and how much waste (and suffering) it will create and the world will start moving in the right direction!

Please let Toni know about your tips on how to live more environmentally friendly. Zero waste is not a fad! It's something we should all try to incorporate into our lives even if we start with tiny changes. Progress is progress! I read a quote that made so much sense to me. “We need everyone making small changes towards a more sustainable life, not a few being perfect. So go ahead and make those small changes until they become natural habits!

Should we dive right into it? Let's go!


Ok, if you have been following Toni for a while, you might have guessed this one pretty quickly. Yep, it's oatmeal! To make it zero-waste, Toni buys her oats in bulk and takes her container with you. You can do the same with all the products you can find in the bulk section. Bring your own bags and containers, and you'll save money and tons of plastic!

  • oats
  • coconut flakes
  • cinnamon
  • pear (about to go bad!)

Cook it all together in one pot with some water or plant milk of choice, and you're set! Add some maple syrup for sweetness or a little bit of brown sugar.


This is a super yummy dish created by Toni. A simple but delicious quinoa salad!

  • 1 cup of quinoa
  • half a small butternut squash
  • half a sweet potato
  • one carrot
  • 1 ½ cups of water
  • half an avocado

Throw all the ingredients (except the avocado) into the pressure cooker and set it for 5 minutes. Add some sliced avocado to it, some lemon juice, maybe some fresh herbs and nutritional yeast, and you're ready to lunch! Remember! You can add any veggies that will soon go bad into the quinoa. It's a great way to avoid throwing anything away.

You can set yourself a food shopping day and then make it a mission to "clean up your fridge" a few days before. It's a mini challenge you will really appreciate at the end of the month. Try it!


Toni decided to make some stir fried veggies with some chickpeas and brown rice. A comforting and simple meal to end the day!

  • 1 cup dry brown rice
  • chickpeas
  • zucchinis
  • onions
  • garlic

Cook the 1 cup of brown rice with 2 cups of water in your pressure cooker. Set it for 20 minutes, and it will turn out perfect! Cook some chickpeas in your pressure cooker for 1 hour with enough water to cover them. Cooking your legumes from scratch will be a lot more affordable, but don't worry, you could buy some in a glass if you want to keep it waste free. You could reuse the jar to get more bulk products later on!

Start your stir fry. Cut the zucchini and onions and add them to your pan (with or without olive oil) Press the garlic clove and make sure you get all the crushed pieces from the presser! Every little bit counts!

Serve some rice, some veggies, and some fo the stir fry in your plate and enjoy!

If you enjoy having some fruit after your dinner, then try to look out for the best deals! Toni was lucky enough to score some mangoes for 25-cent! Can you believe it? So, take the time to look around your grocery store and find the best deals. You'll always find something, and it will help you rotate your produce and never get bored.

See how easy it can be? No fancy foods or expensive gadgets! Just being a bit more mindful of what we can do to avoid waste. Keep on incorporating these tips into your life, and you'll be making a huge difference and inspiring others at the same time!

If you enjoy Toni's "What I Eat In A Day" videos then go to her youtube channel and subscribe to her channel! You'll find many more of these and other incredible resources to help you live a more sustainable and budget-friendly plant-based lifestyle.

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