When I first began eating more plant-based, I felt a tug-o-war between what I wanted for my life versus my reality. I was on a tight budget and was given a free non-vegan meal at work, I lived with a roommate who worked at a steakhouse, my boyfriend wasn’t vegan, my family thought I was crazy, and so forth. If there’s anything I understand about plant-based living, it’s that it can sometimes be challenging, and that’s why I co-host The Plant-Powered People Podcast

On my podcast, my co-host Michelle Cehn and I interview everyday people who’ve overcome challenging obstacles while striving to be plant-based. You’ll hear from someone whose spouse isn’t vegan, or from someone who is a college student in the dorms, or who works at a restaurant serving meat. If you’re looking for some extra motivation and support, try giving it a listen!