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New to plant-based eating? Here are some resources to help make the transition easier for you. You can start by adding our Facebook support group¬†and listening to The Plant-Powered People Podcast. ūüôā


Health and Nutrition:

  • When starting a plant-based journey, it’s best to begin with your doctor. If you’re searching for a new one, this is a great site to help you find a plant-based practitioner.
  • Don’t have healthcare insurance but want to check on your health? has a great blood testing service for an affordable price. They also have an initiative to help make it easier for vegans or aspiring vegans to stay healthy! “plant-based” gets you 25% off of their vegan services.
  • To stay current on the latest in plant-based medicine or to find out info on soy/ where to get your protein/ etc., subscribe to¬†Dr. Greger breaks down medical information in a way that’s understandable and entertaining.
  • Dr. G also has a great book called How Not to Die,¬†which is a New York Times bestseller.
  • Here are the vitamins that I buy: B-12¬†&¬†vegan D3.



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