I’m so glad you’re here! Every year, millions of people use my recipes to kickstart their January goals, and I’m honored to help you, too! Not only do I have hundreds of free recipes on this website, but I also have free plant-based meal plans, cookbooks, a support group, a podcast, and more!

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Cover of the book Plant-Based on a Budget Quick & Easy. The words "Plant-Based on a Budget Quick & Easy" are at the top in orange with a bowl of beans, corn, rice, peppers, and avocado.
Plant Based on a Budget Book Cover. The top of the book says "Plant Based on a Budget" in green and below it has a photo of open-face cooked sweet potato topped with beans, corn, tomatoes, and guacamole.
Final Meal Plan Week 1 Cover

Grab and Go Breakfasts

The Thrive Bundle

For this week only, I’ve teamed up with 70+ of the most well-known wellness creators to offer our collective ebooks and courses at a more accessible price. It’s called The Thrive Bundle, and you can expect to find five full-length cookbooks, exercise guides, recipe ebooks, yoga resources, and more.

If you want a totally comprehensive package, this is it!

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