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Free 7-Day Budget-Friendly Meal Plan 

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Check out these easy and organized meal plans that include 5 healthy and budget-friendly dinner recipes for the week, plus a delicious dessert idea you can make any time. These plans make meal prepping a breeze and help you stay on track with your budget while enjoying nutritious and tasty meals.

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Grab the meal plan here

Each meal plan provides a printable guide that includes detailed descriptions of six recipes: five healthy and budget-friendly plant-based dinners and one delightful dessert. Along with the recipe descriptions, you’ll receive a handy grocery list, making your shopping trips more efficient and organized. This all-in-one resource ensures that you have everything you need to create delicious meals for the week while staying on track with your budget. Enjoy the convenience of meal planning with easy-to-follow recipes and a streamlined shopping experience!

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This Week’s Meal Plan #1

Monday: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday: Teriyaki Tofu Stir Fry

Wednesday: Split Pea Soup

Thursday: Tofu Bolognese

Friday: Black Bean Chili

Dessert: Banana Popsicles

Click the link below to print out your shopping list, and enjoy!

Print Shopping List


  1. Access the Recipes: Click on each recipe link and use the print button within the recipe card to print out the full recipe. Review any suggested substitutions and check the Frequently Asked Questions section for additional tips.
  2. Prepare Your Grocery List: Print or copy and paste the provided grocery list into a checklist app or document.
  3. Check Your Inventory: Before heading to the store, go through your fridge, freezer, and pantry to mark off any ingredients you already have.
  4. Grocery Shopping: Take your list with you and make sure to stick to it to stay within budget.
  5. Cook and Share: Prepare the recipes throughout the week and share your experiences and any modifications you made. Other readers enjoy seeing how you customize the meals and find inspiration in your tweaks!

Why Should You Meal Plan?

Meal planning is the process of organizing your meals in advance, usually on a weekly basis. It involves selecting recipes, creating a shopping list, and prepping ingredients ahead of time. This approach not only saves you time during the week but also helps you stick to a budget by preventing impulse purchases and reducing food waste. By knowing exactly what you need, you can make the most of sales and bulk buying, ensuring that you eat healthy, delicious meals without overspending. Plus, having a plan in place makes it easier to avoid the temptation of ordering takeout.

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