Banana Kale Smoothie

Banana Kale Smoothie | Plant-Based on a Budget | #banana #kale #smoothie #green #breakfast #plantbasedonabudget
  • Servings : 1-2
  • Prep Time : 5m
  • Ready In : 5m

From the author, Roxane McNulty: Believe it or not my toddler LOVES kale, it’s the only vegetable he will touch! So needless to say, we eat a lot of kale around here. I make this delicious Banana Kale Smoothie for us often and he thinks it’s such a treat! The kale flavor isn’t ridiculously strong here so it works really well in this sweet drink.

From Plant-Based on a Budget: If you’ve been trying to get more greens and fruits into your diet then smoothies are a great option. You can take the chance to prepare a tasty shake and boost your nutrition all at the same time. This Banana Kale smoothie is sweet and super simple to make. Let’s take a look at how to whip it up!

Simple is Best

Healthy and delicious smoothies can be as simple as this one. You really don’t need fancy powders or special proteins to make a nutritious, energizing, and wholesome drink. Some greens, some fruit, and a healthy liquid and you’re good to go! The simpler you make them, the more likely you are to sustain the habit of having one every morning (or afternoon for a healthy snack!).

If you are trying to eat healthier, then making some small and sustainable changes is the way to go. Like adding a healthy smoothie to your routine is a perfect start and can lead to more changes over time.

Swapping the Ingredients

Another amazing feature of smoothies is how easily you can swap ingredients. For this Banana Kale smoothie, for example, you can use spinach if you don’t have kale or simply don’t like it. And you could also swap the banana for some frozen mango if your bananas are too green. Easy peasy!

Recommended Equipment:

Photos by Alfonso Revilla

Banana Kale Smoothie | Plant-Based on a Budget | #banana #kale #smoothie #green #breakfast #plantbasedonabudget


  • 2 ripe peeled frozen bananas
  • 1 cup of kale leaves, stems removed
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk (any kind)


Step 1

Place everything in a blender and process until completely smooth.

Banana Kale Smoothie | Plant-Based on a Budget | #banana #kale #smoothie #green #breakfast #plantbasedonabudget


Roxane is a culinary school graduate, professional pastry chef and devoted mama of an adorable toddler - She loves cooking and baking tasty, healthy plant-based food that is kind to our bodies, the earth and the animals! She also runs her own website, Roxane's Natural Kitchen

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