How to Have an Easy Vegan Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving can be a stressful time in general, but especially if you’re trying to eat plant-based! So, to make life a little easier for you, I’ve put together some resources that will help ease your cooking. I know that when I first became a vegetarian, I didn’t even realize that Thanksgiving and Christmas may be challenging because of all the hidden meat (like the gravy and stuffing, etc.). I spent a lot of time watching my family chow down on delicious-looking food. Now you don’t have to be in that awkward (and hungry) situation because I’m gonna hook you up with some easy hacks!

If you’re in need of a pep talk, check out my 5 Ways to Survive the Holidays podcast episode.

And if you’re wanting to cook some vegan Thanksgiving dishes from scratch, check out these tasty options:

And did you know there are A TON of pre-made, store-bought, accidentally vegan options for Thanksgiving? Pick up one of these and bring it to share with the fam. In this video, Michelle Cehn and I give our recommendations.

Here are some of the products we discuss:

  • Sara Lee’s apple and cherry frozen pies
  • Soyatoo’s soy whip
  • Betty Crocker’s boxed mashed potatoes
  • Tofurky’s premade gravy
  • Canned cranberry Sauce
  • Rainbow rolls with Earth Balance butter
  • Mrs. Cubbison’s Vegetable Stuffing

Some other notable products:

  • Pillsbury rolls
  • Bisquick for rolls
  • Marie Calendars frozen pie crusts

And when it comes to vegan centerpieces, there are now so many options! We did a taste test to explain how they’re all different! This year my family is serving the Gardein roast and Field Roast En Croute.

And if you’re the person who likes to make your food from scratch, I created this vegan menu that’s filled with decadent Thanksgiving recipes that are free of animal products and that your family will be sure to love! You can pick it up here.

And as a bonus, I shared how to have an easy vegan Thanksgiving using some of my favorite products. What are some vegan finds that make your life easier for Thanksgiving?